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Captive Insurance Programs for Elite, High-Exposure Companies

Insurance can be profitable.
Are you retaining the profitability of your policies?

Learn how a Captive Group can help you build equity and retain profit.

The difference between captive insurance and traditional insurance

Captive insurance groups are distinct in that they are owned exclusively by their policyholders, rather than by shareholders of the insurance company. This ownership structure grants individual companies greater control over their insurance coverage, pricing, and claims management. Becoming a member-owner of a group captive insurance company is a paradigm shift away from the traditional retail market built for the masses.

Group captives are recognized as one of the most efficient insurance mechanisms available. Joining a captive not only safeguards your most valuable assets but also unlocks working capital and creates new revenue streams that retail markets cannot match. Ultimately, participating in a captive can lead to increased profitability for your business, which in turn contributes to the growth of your personal wealth as a business owner.


See how our client built $260,000 in Equity on a $1.1M insurance spend over a four year period after joining a Group Captive

Case Study Coming Soon!

Why switch from Retail Insurance to a Group Captive?

While each of our clients has a different reason for making the switch, there are a few common drivers to the decision.

  • Captives enable companies to retain underwriting profits and investment income that would otherwise go to external insurers. This means higher profitability and a more assured financial future for the business and its owner.

  • Joining a captive can also lead to improved risk management strategies and better alignment of insurance with overall business goals.

  • As a member-owner, you gain an active role in the decision-making of the group, gaining an unrivaled level of transparency and control over your insurance.

  • By being part of a group with other high-performing companies, you have the opportunity to connect with fellow top operators, fostering a network of excellence.

  • Captive Groups align the incentives of both policy holders and brokers and ensure everyone is working towards lower costs and higher-performing organizations.


Overall, switching to a captive insurance group empowers companies to optimize their insurance arrangements, reduce costs, and gain greater control over their risk management efforts.

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Not Yet Eligible for a Group Captive?

Xartis partners with leading risk management experts to help companies reduce risk and become eligible for Captive Insurance Programs. Contact us to learn how Xartis and our network of partners can help you gain eligibility.

Get Started on the Path Forward to Joining a Group Captive

We work with our clients to select and become eligible for the best captive insurance group for each company.

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